How to choose the best exterior house painter – A beginner’s guide

Most homeowners often stress about the deteriorating condition of their home exterior. The DIY approach encourages them to daydream about painting their exterior to revive their home’s curb appeal.

House painting might seem a decent job to you, but when you’re actually doing it, only then you can experience the real struggle. Make things easy by hiring a professional.

However, hiring an exterior house painter might be another daunting task and time-consuming, but if done with the proper strategy, House exteriors have the potential to maximize the aesthetic looks of your home and double the resale value.

Spending your time searching for a skilled house painter that perfectly fits your needs, and eventually, things will fall your way.

While searching for the right paint contractor, don’t forget the importance of paint color and the right color scheme. Below you will find some useful tips that would narrow your choices and help find the right painter contractor.

What to look for when choosing an exterior house painter:

Don’t go for the low bidding painters

Many homeowners fall into the trap of getting cheap work but ending up with an unreasonable exterior look. With that being said, it’s also important to consider your budget, but when it comes to designing your home, you need to allow wiggle room in your budget.

In this case, you have to pay what you get, and there’s no way other than accepting it with a dreary heart. However, to tackle this situation, don’t compromise on the quality and make sure that you don’t end up breaking the bank when revising your home exterior.

Ask for references

References play a vital role when you’re hiring a painting contractor. Get to know about their previous experiences working as contractors, see their samples to evaluate if they’re capable of making your home exterior stand out.

Every well-oriented organization will never hesitate to show you their past work and similar customer experiences. Upon meeting them, feel free to ask as many questions as possible. This will better give you an idea about their communication, dedication level, pricing, and everything you need to know.

If you want to seek someone’s advice, what works best is the word-mouth referral. Let’s say if a person you trust recommends you a certain product. Without a second thought, you buy it; this is the best form of marketing and lets you easily hear other people’s experiences.

Check for guarantee

Experienced contractors that are well-established offer a guarantee, meaning if the work is gibberish and not up to the mark, then the guarantee allows you to claim the repair policy at the right moment. Also, keep these candidates at the top-of-the-line, as they are the ones who are showing eagerness and are willing to offer a guarantee so that your investment won’t go in vain.

Extract more information

Visit their website and see where they are currently engaged, giving you an idea about their work schedule flexibility. You can easily find them on the search engines with the employee’s information. Also, you can ask them for liability insurance and worker’s compensation. When you’re done with all the necessary information, you have a moment to sigh of relief.

Can your contractor help in choosing the right paint colors?

This is another notable aspect to take into account when you hire a professional. Well, choosing the right paint colors can be a focal point in your home exterior. If your contractor cannot suggest to you what can be the best exterior paint scheme for you, then it might be an alarming situation, which you can’t afford in any circumstances.

Selecting the best color for your exterior also depends upon the other house elements, including trims, shutters, shingles, moldings, walls, and downspouts.

We also consider the architectural style of the house. Whether you have a Victorian or colonial-style home, the light and dark colors are an ideal choice.

For cottage style, warm and fresh pastels can help revamp the entire look, such as blue, pale color, dusty rose, and mossy green.

For brick houses, you should consider an inviting color that’s catchy and engaging, like a brown, orange, and cream would work commendable for you.

Finally, we have the Mediterranean style, colors rimmed in the earthly shade colors such as ochre and taupe are ravishing for these style homes.

What works perfectly here is your imagination. Try to imagine the colors in your mind and how it will look after the project’s end.

3D Digital Rendering

When communicating with your painter, ask him whether he can set up a 3D model to give you a close overview of the home exterior. This is one of the most common techniques used widely, and many homeowners tend to benefit a lot from this. With the enhanced view, you can alter the changes if something seems wrong to you, which is simply great.

Discussing Project Details

Finally, when hiring an expert in a field, your main aim is to convey a clear message, explaining complete details and the reason you want house painting.

Elaborate attention-to-detail that your words imprint on his mind, and the painter won’t have any chance to commit mistakes.

Discuss things about colors, patterns, and placement. Change of information, offer your ideas, take his ideas, so that everything is cleared from both ends: the clearer conversation, the higher chances of success.

Are there other types of painters?

With a myriad of paints and finishes found in the market, there are various types of painters as well. Let’s talk about some of the contractors and why they need recognition.

Mom and Pop’s painting company

Generally, the team comprises 1-5 groups of painters. They are not yet advanced and mostly rely on word-mouth referrals, friends, and churches.

Also, these painters are low-scaled, and they don’t even have the proper tools and equipment to paint the exterior of the house. Despite buying the right painting tools, they might not be of the best quality. So, working with them means helping a small business to grow while saving a few bucks.

Small Commercial Firms

It is safe to say that these companies are better than the Mom and Pops in high-quality performance, dedication, and experience. Moreover, to attract potential clients, they have valid insurances, customer testimonials, and few examples that they have done over the past few years. Dealing with them is close to professionals with minimum cost spend.

Specialized Painter

This type specializes in different types of paintings and finishes. They mainly deal with office buildings and commercial businesses. But, request them to come to your location. If you want to have a fancy design in your home, be it exterior or interior, these businesses have some rare talent.

Pricing of home’s exterior paint

Here comes the most awaited part of our post. If you’re concerned about the budget, then be prepared to get your house exterior painted for at least $3000, and that’s an estimate. This could be more or less depending upon your preferences and requirements. A skilled painter first evaluates the situation from A-Z then tells you the estimate.

Final Words

We are done with today. Make sure to cover all the points before making a decision. I believe the handy tips are the only solution to gauging the best house exterior painter for you.

However, if you’re confused about whether to hire a pro or do it yourself, then let me tell you, saving bucks for curb appeal might not be a great idea.

Open your search engines, spend your time, and you will be able to decide. Call a pro and let your neighbors know, you are back in town!

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