Black And Decker Mouse Sander Review 1.2 Amp – Detail BDEMS600 Sander

Black + Decker Mouse Sander Review

The carpenter’s art and dealing with wood takes a great degree of proficiency and mastery, especially in the application. Woodworkers have special tools to maneuver the smallest tight spaces; with large areas, there are tools readily made for those types of jobs.

However, every woodworker will mention the need for apt tools to make their jobs easier. One of the aspects woodworkers need is the best tools for sanding.

No one in the industry does not love the thrill of sanding, but without the right tool, the process can be grueling. Hence, some factors professionals in the industry look out for when thinking of sanding tools.

Firstly, they check the quality; it has to be the right standard. Asides from already knowing what product to buy, woodworkers check Amazon and filter through customer reviews to see what new development will Amplify their work standard.

Secondly, the compact size of the sanding machine allows for effective delivery and ensures good quality. Professionals enjoy tools they can easily maneuver with the hand before they purchase.

It makes the job more enjoyable. Other factors make professionals purchase a sanding tool. Consequently, throughout this discourse, these factors will be more apparent.

Sanders come in different shapes and sizes, but for a durable machine that works effectively in tight spaces, the Black and Decker Mouse sander is the best fit.

Black + Decker Detail sander

This mouse sander with a year limited warranty embodies efficiency and space management in its projects. Black and Decker mouse sander is a powerful tool that gets you refinishing projects looking smoother than ever.

The Black Decker sander is set in a computer mouse’s semblance that allows users to have a firm grip, especially when working on hard to reach.

Its compact size makes the Black + Decker sander the ideal product to use for your DIY projects, and the finger attachment enhances the sanding process.

The mouse detail sander allows for control when working on a job at the house or shop. Even in the most extreme circumstances, the Black and Decker sander adapts well and is an excellent tool for significant sanding projects.


The Black+Decker mouse BDEMS600 is a product of great sophistication. However, without appropriate information on this product, readers would not be able to get the necessary details to help with their selection process.

This is why we have painstakingly provided features and specifications, which makes this product stand out. Below are some of the important features to look out for in this mouse detail sander.

High Performance

Also, the high performance you get from this tool’s purchase is characterized by the dust collection technique it embodies.

It also has a microfiltration feature that ensures significant sand power without accumulating too much dust. The microfiltration is such that the Black and Decker sander, despite its size, it quickly filters the dust, which may hamper the work being done.

Bonus Sandpaper

The Black Decker mouse sander also has bonus sandpaper that would allow the wood’s smoothening process to perfect. The sandpaper makes the sanding process even more desirable as there is even a hook and loop pad that would enable you to get the best out of a job.

If the sandpaper is worn out in the Black and Decker mouse sander, the hook and loop pad makes an adequate replacement to complete the sanding easy.

The mouse detail sander sells ease, convenience, size, durability, and space economy. In all, the Black Decker sander, you can deduce the main unique selling propositions embedded therein.

Finger Attachment

Using the Black and Decker sander, spaces that used to pose problems when sanding are easily assuaged with the Mouse detail sander’s finger attachment.

People often complain about not being comfortable with sanding for an extended period. Hence, that has been made easier through the Black and Decker mouse sander, which has a finger attachment that allows you to enjoy the sanding process itself.

Dust Canister

It might seem inconsequential to some, but the transparent dust canister on the Black and Decker mouse sander would allow you to see when it gets filled.

You may be distracted by the song playing in the background while the mouse detail sander goes to work without taking note of the dust canister. Like any other industry tool, too much dust hinders the Black Decker mouse sander’s capacity.

Three Position Grip

One of the most exciting features for many, the three-position grip gives the user control that allows you to maneuver effectively through tight spaces to make the product more effective.

The position grip enables the use of the Black and Decker sander to match the sand surface. With the right grip and control, the sanding body becomes your canvas where time stands still as you work.

You do not have to be worried about tight spaces anymore with the Black and Decker sander. The soft grip also allows you to sand for a long time much more comfortably with the mouse detail sander.

1.2 Amp motor

One of the most peculiar features which professionals will like is the 1.2 Amp motor, which the Black and Decker Mouse Sander has.

This motor allows the mouse detail sander to remove unwanted materials from the wood surface with 16,000 orbits per minute.

Interestingly, the small size of the mouse detail sander makes it a bit difficult to do this amount of work in that short time. However, manufacturers have amplified the Black and Decker mouse sander’s work rate to optimum quality with the 1.2 Amp motor.


If anything is fascinating in the outlook of the mouse detail sander with 1.2 Amp detail, it will be the design. Its finger attachment feature results in an easy-to-use Black Decker sander when working.

The ergonomic design is the basis of all features that the mouse detail sander thrives on. As earlier explained, the Black+Decker sander sells on the ease and convenience of sanding at home or anywhere you have the mouse detail sander.


The Black Decker is decorated with the BDEMS600 sand tool that would make the process much effective.

The BDEMS600 sand tool racks up reviews on Amazon that speaks well of the mouse detail sander. If you are looking for a sander with apt finger attachment and efficiency, the BDEMS600 is a great attachment that will surely add a star when you give your reviews on Amazon.

It is an extra but necessary addition to the already equipped tool for your home. The 1.2 Amp motor also works well with the BDEMS600. All features are intertwined to give the best results.


  • Compact and lightweight of the mouse detail sander
  • Effective for removing paint and corrosion.
  • A dust extraction port to connect a vacuum cleaner.



  • Seldomly available for shipping.
  • The high cost of shipping.



For users who want to acquire this product, they should expect to part with $26.78 for one this sander. The pricing is a great fit for a product of this quality, and users should be able to get their sanding done seamlessly.

Final Verdict

The Black and Decker Sander with 1.2 Amp motor has been a useful tool at home & work. This sanding machine has many features that endear it to the hearts of many professionals.

The Black and Decker 1.2 Amp sander tool is one product that leaves customers more satisfied than before. If you are thinking of getting a sanding tool from Amazon for yourself, this is a great fit.

As compact as it may be, it works efficiently when in use by clearing small pockets of space that may be hard to reach with regular sanders. Suppose you are looking for ease, convenience, durability, and compactness wrapped in one sanding machine. Then the Black and Decker Mouse Sander is the right tool for you.

It is suitable for beginners as well as professionals at work.

Porter Cable PCCW201B Detail Sander is also a great sander available in the market.

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