craftsman detail sander

You need the right tool for the job if you want to master a woodworking project. This lightweight tool,Craftsman 11570 corner detail sander, allows you to sand beautifully with its specially shaped pads, and after taking the time to learn how to use one, you can fit them virtually anywhere. If you are looking for a drum sander that offers the twin benefits of efficiency and space economy, you can check out the Craftsman Detail Sander. Craftsman is one of the best known, that means you should consider them if you’re looking for a new power tool for your shop.

Craftsman 11570 corner detail sander clearly comes with Sander, but you get other sandpaper attachments for details, and sanding completion as well as scrubbing and rust removal. You will also get a small bag to store sander and sandpaper. The handle has a nice rubber grip to help control the sander. A good thing is dust sealed switch that is switched on / off to help protect the switch. Some companies in the past have not used it, and surprisingly some still do not use this dust sealed system. If you find a sander that does not use this type of switch, we suggest avoiding it as there are more problems where the switch can be turned on or off. This sander gives 11,000 operations per minute, which isn’t too bad for home sander or DIY projects. Another nice feature included in the kit is the finger attachment. The finger attachment usually has a good point to reach the areas you need to do the hardest to reach. This sander perfectly fits in your hand. This is important because it allows the user to have more control over their sanding process. The finger tool looks great and gets into really tight spots.





If you already have Craftman  C3 lithium batters and chargers, and are using these batteries in other handicraft tools, this may be a good re-installation option, or in addition to your other C3 tools – otherwise you can buy something else. The air tools are used mostly in and out of shop, but they are not practical at home, so you need to push this little tool into service more than you could afford. Craftsman 11570 corner detail sander is a good little machine for DIYers and hobbyists. The battery holder is slightly raised at the rear for a comfortable grip on the handle, otherwise it works good as a reusable feature of sand pads. Ginour 1.6 Amp Detail Sander is also a great sander available in the market.