Skil SR250801 Review Corded Detail Sander


SKIL Corded Detail Sander- SR250801 over view

SKIL Corded Detail Sander SR250801 man sanding a leg chair
The unit also features a sophisticated dust extraction hose system that will ensure your clean up is minimal when your sanding session is over .
Last , but not least , the SKIL Corded Detail Sander SR250801 has been designed with comfort in mind , featuring a rubberized , ergonomic handle that should make it easier to work for long periods of time .
In terms of cons , there is not very much to speak of .
The only real issue that we were able to detect in SKIL Corded Detail Sander SR250801 was that the vacuum hose does make it a little bit harder to access the nooks and crannies of your workpiece .
The second dislike with the Apollo detail sander has to do with the dust collection box which is not always very effective and becomes easily clogged particularly when sanding finer substrates .
However , this is not unique to the Apollo sander as dust collection boxes in general usually suffer from a similar problem even on more professional machines .
A dust extraction system is always preferred if one is readily available .
While for those that test the sander to its breaking point , or if you happen to be unlucky enough to receive a faulty unit , one can rest assured that the detail sander is supported by Apollo Tools customer service which is usually very responsive and , in the past , has gone out of its way to help solve problems that users have encountered .
The detail sander from Apollo Precision Tools is a powerful machine that will perform well even on some of the toughest sanding jobs .

It weighs approximately 1.2 kg and has a sound power rating of about 86 dB , not dissimilar to other palm sanders in its category .
However , one has to remember that this is not a professional machine and as such has not been built robustly enough to withstand the intense workload of a tradesman or carpenter .
One thing to remember with the Apollo detail sander , and detail sanders in general , is not to press down too hard when using them , but instead let the machine do the work .
The FERM DSM1009 is another detail sander that is best described as a step above the budget detail sanders .
The FERM detail sander is a powerful machine running a 280W motor , making it relatively heavy and requiring two hands to operate it .
The DSM1009 comes with a variable speed control so that more delicate sanding jobs can be tackled at lower oscillation speeds .
As a consequence they are some of the smallest and lightest sanders one can get for DIY detail sanding jobs .
The Worx detail sanders run at a constant orbital speed of 11,000 RPM without any variable speed functionality and exhibit relatively low vibration making them easy on hands when doing prolonged detail sanding .


Key features of the SKIL Corded Detail Sander- SR250801

SKIL Corded Detail Sander SR250801 man sanding a table
The Worx machines are also not very loud when in use , although they are surprisingly noisier than expected considering their small size .
Unfortunately , the finger accessory needs to be affixed to the main sander body using a screwdriver making it a little less convenient to use than we would have liked .
As for sander sheets , the Worx detail sanders use the hook and loop system for attaching sander paper and the devices themselves come with a small sample of standard sanding sheets and paint removal sanding pads included in the box .
However , getting hold of compatible replacement sanding pads once the included ones have been used up can be a little bit of a chore as the company behind Worx does not sell replacements .
Instead , owners of the Worx detail sanders have to hunt around a little for generic type sanding sheets that fit the small devices .
Generic sanding pads can often be found on Amazon , however determining whether the pads on sale are of the correct size and type without seeing the physical product can make it difficult to get the right ones .
Detail sanders provide power sanding in spaces that used to require sanding by hand .
A small hand sander sander will remove material quickly , allowing you to move on to finishing .
They also save you energy , something that anyone who has sanded with a block or with their fingers will appreciate .
Another advantage is that the smaller detail sanders provide more control than traditional electric sanders .
Keeping this in mind , we remind you that orbital sanders work faster than vibratory ones .
Finish sanders also come with a large pad size , allowing you to cover more territory at once .



There is no one great sander for all of the projects and for all users , no matter what manufacturers may say .
However , it can be a little confusing when there are so many sanders on the market .
The palm sander , the belt sander , mouse sanders , and power sanders , the sheet sander , and , of course , the detail sander with variable speed to ensure a smooth finish time and again .
We found five of the best detail sanders available to help you find the one that best suits your needs .
TheĀ  SKIL Corded Detail Sander SR250801 will work well for tasks that involve finishing tight corners and rough edges. The surface you work is another factor as far as the type. Ryobi ds1200 Detail Sander is also a great sander.

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