Ginour Detail Sander

Details Sanders gives you the fine, smooth surface you need before applying the finish, without the time and effort required to sand it by hand. They are specially designed to get into tight spaces, such as joints or moulded corners of furniture. If you are looking for a drum sander that offers the twin benefits of efficiency and space economy, you can check out the Ginour Detail Sander. Ginour is one of the lesser knowns, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider them if you’re looking for a new power tool for your shop. Ginour provides free re mentorship & LIFETIME Warranty to its customers

The Ginour 1.6 A detail sander runs 12,000 orbits per minute It is equipped with 10 pieces of sandpaper five of 80 grit and 5 of 180 grit, it can be used for polishing when replacing sandpaper above 180 grit. It has a 360 ° reversible sanding pad. With the help of a 360° reversible sanding pad, it can change at any angle, making it ideal for sanding small spaces and all sorts of corners. It has a small size but it offers wide application for all job types.

The Ginour 1.6 A detail sander has a Dust Collection System and lock button. The special design attaches strongly to the Dust Box and does not have to worry about falling. Dust switch keeps the sander from dust for a clean workspace. The locking switch continues to work without constantly pressing to reduce fatigue. It yields very low vibration and ergonomically runs consistently with low vibration and noise, helping you get the job done well. The soft rubber coated hand grip is ergonomic and easy to handle with a single hand.

Ginour Detail Sander





The Ginour 1.6 A detail sander is loved by all! It is great in doing small house woodworking projects. Really nice. The only drawback is that it is a little on the heavy side. Otherwise that’s a very good sander. If you are a beginner of woodworking, then this sander should be your first choice. The main reason behind buying it is that it has 360 rotation capacity for some detailed standings. It works well so far. It is very easy to work with. SKIL SR250801 Detail Sander is also a great sander available in the market.