Porter Cable PCCW201B Review Detail Sander – 2020

Porter Cable PCCW201B Sander

After many hours working on a piece of wood and it’s time to finalize your job by sanding curves, corners, tight spaces, and edges, do you still rub your fingers raw with sandpaper just to add final touches to those curves and edges? If your answer is yes, it’s time to change your mode of operation.

Many wood lovers and wood-work professionals like you also go through the same difficulty when smoothening and sanding. However, adding lots of detailing and finishing to your work of art doesn’t have to be stressful.

The introduction of detailed sanders has brought about the ease of achieving the finesse your wood-work requires. These mechanical equipment are designed to provide improved efficiency and better craftsmanship.

Porter Cable Detail Sander

For those who intend to get a sander, there are several options available in the market. This product, which has been innovated upon by several brands, all have specifications that make them stand out.

Some brands work on portability while others provide modern features that improve the user experience. One product that gives their users great features and specifications while still churning excellent performance is the porter cable pccw201b sander.

Now, telling our readers that this is the best detail sander available would be misleading. So in this review, we would be reviewing the porter cable pccw201b sander and providing all its features and specifications.

A great feature to look out for in the porter cable pccw201b sander is the cordless efficiency of the product. This cordless feature would allow you the opportunity to use the equipment without the hassles of dealing with tangled wiring and free movement.

Many applaud this feature. However, it brings with it the drawback of power supply, which in turn is compensated with the product’s convenient cordless solution. The need for a power pack would leave the question of how to charge and how long a full charge lasts. So is this a great product, and do all these features and drawbacks make it a great choice? Let’s find out.

Features & Specs

The Porter Cable pccw201b 20v is the perfect cordless solution for sanding different types and forms of wood-work. You can easily dictate your speed from 9,000 to 11,000 operations per minute (OPM) with the speed dial. While working, you can decide to make use of a detachable vacuum bag that will collect the dust while you work for convenience, or you remove it to attach a 1 1/4″ inches hose for efficiency. However, the internal detachable vacuum system is an excellent idea that wouldn’t make the pccw201b sander cordless anymore as you have to move around with the tube.

Detachable Dust Bag: The Porter Cable pccw201b 20v comes with a detachable dust bag for efficient dust collection. This bag is designed to eradicate the mess and dust left behind when users are either sanding or working on a wood finish. The remarkable improvement this brings borders around the fact that cleaning up after work is now almost non-existent. This saves the user more work hours, thereby leveraging improved efficiency with efficient dust removal.

Porter Cable Detail Sander

Rubberized Grip: The Porter Cable pccw201b 20v max has a rubberized gripped for comfortable sanding, thereby making it easy to direct the tool towards any direction.

The design, which has an ergonomic feel to it, allows for better handling and increased time use, and flexible rubber grip also allows for smooth and straight direction, easy to hold and grip with a soft feel. Now users can work faster, smoother, and for longer.

Powerful Operational Motor: When it comes to churning out a powerful delivery, the Porter Cable pccw201b is one product to be acknowledged. This product, which has a powerful motor, creates an avenue for increased efficiency and time management.

Users can now achieve speed ranges of 9000 – 11000 OPM. The user can get the optimal speed by making use of the variable speed dial. The variable speed dial allows the user to control speed for the professional removal rate.

Vacuum Port For 1 1/4″ Hose: The Porter Cable pccw201b sander also features an efficient dust collection vacuum. Users can now have more room to collect dust when they use up the allocated space.

The use of the product’s dust collection vacuum port is another essential feature of this machine. Now you can connect a bigger vacuum bag to the dust collection vacuum port and insert your 1 1/4″ hose for more efficient dust collection.

Other Features/Specs are:

  • Low profile for control of sand casting
  • A proof switch
  • L – 6.74, W – 4.04, H – 11.46
  • Grit type/number – Medium/120
  • Voltage – 20V
  • Battery – Lithium-Ion


  • The product comes with a detachable dust bag.
  • Operation can now run at 9,000 – 11,000 OPM.
  • Rubber grip for improved comfortability.
  • Dust proof switch for professional durability.
  • 1 1/4 hose can connect to the vacuum port.


  • The internal vacuum system of the sander could be messy.
  • The product loses its cordless feature when a hose is connected.


The Porter Cable pccw201b has relatively moderate pricing, which is reasonable for the specs it is providing. Users can find the product on the Amazon store for $49.99.

Final Verdict

Users should note that they can use the Porter Cable detail sander in tight corners, joints, curves, and hiding places. Determining the comfort, convenience, and ease of usage for this product is unfathomable. You experience lightness even after working for hours because of its flexible rubber grip.

You can use the sander for hours and won’t have to worry about numb muscle from extended handling. So, before usage, it advisable to read the manual to get a better understanding of what the products offer. You would be surprised at the personalized experience that the product provides its users.

Do not forget that you can also attach a shop vacuum so you can work for an extended period. We hope that this review has been helpful and answered your questions concerning getting a detailed sander, as this sander is sure to provide you with a great addition to your wood-work business.

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