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Bucktool BD4801 Review – Read it completely!

The innovation that was brought about by technology has changed the way we undertake specific tasks. This new shift has brought with it positive change and the realization of carrying out activities conveniently and effectively.

As all sector has noticed a fraction of this change, the woodwork industry has seen its first share of these new implementations.

Now we have more tools than ever before, which has brought more creativity and craftsmanship into how most jobs are done. One tool that has seen several innovations is the bench sander. From the use of manual methods of applications, we have now seen more sophisticated machinery which has sported several mechanical features.

As several brands continue to achieve a perfect product, we have one product that has truly stood out, the Bucktool BD4801. It is one well fit machinery made for those who want to achieve finesse. In this review, we would be looking at the functionalities of this BD4801 bench belt sander.

For most people, a belt disc sander’s choice is considered, as it is well suited for bulk jobs. This might be true, as the bd4801 is designed to carry out several operations at increased speed to make your work more efficient.

However, the Bucktool be4801 bench belt sander is also an excellent fit for jobs with little volume. The finesse the bd4801 gives users is one reason why this product should undertake all your woodwork sanding. The inclusion of a well-fitted sanding belt eradicates the possibilities of errors as the brand made that factor a feature to watch.

If we are to consider the features of the Bucktool bd4801 bench belt sander, the sanding belt and disc are what users seem keen about. However, features such as the 3450 rpm are what we see look to in the Bucktool. The power that its motor churns has made this product an excellent choice by renowned woodworkers who love to operate with quality sanding efficiency.

If we are to consider the size of the Bucktool bd4801 bench belt sander, it has a weight of about 41 pounds, and would conveniently sit on a table and produce continual operation, which improves the way a user works.

With these few issues of size and usage, many still feel that the Bucktool bd4801 is machinery meant for industrial jobs and operations. This might be true; however, for those who intend to purchase this belt disc sander, this review would provide adequate information on what to expect from the Bucktool bd4801.


As stated earlier, the Bucktool bd4801 is well-crafted machinery made for those who love to infuse finesse and excellent craftsmanship into their work. With features such as the 8-inch disc sander and 4 x 36 belt, users now have access to improved sanding functionalities. Here are some of the highlights of the Bucktool bd4801.


The Bucktool bd4801 operates with an induction motor that powers the disc at a speed of 3450 rpm and 2161rpm for its belt. This speed, coupled with the three 4hp direct drive design of the Bucktool bd4801 user, can expect excellent efficiency.

According to the manufacturer, the drive design’s inclusion can increase productivity, as users now enjoy up to 25% of an improved sanding experience. So users can expect a noiseless operation of the motor and improved efficiency.

Improved Sanding disc and belt

From previous sanders’ designs, users have always been thrown into the dilemma of constant replacement of sanding belts and disc. This is a result of wear to these replacement parts, which can make work inefficient.

The Bucktool bd4801, however, has an improved design for both the sanding disc and belt. The Bucktool bd4801 doesn’t utilize the cog belt design from previous sanders.

Adjustable angle

Enjoy the possibility of using the Bucktool bd4801 at angles that support your present work. The Bucktool belt disc sander is designed for convenience as users can adjust it to a range of 0 – 90 degrees to making their sanding process more straightforward. The Bucktool bd4801 also sports a driven sander, which is an excellent fit for jobs with curved edges.

Efficient dust collection

Sanding can be messy without the right tools, as dust from the shaving and smoothing would fill your workstation. The Bucktool bd4801 is designed to reduce users’ ongoing problem, as it sports a dust collector. With two dust ports, users can utilize a dual fitting hose for the dust collector or a workshop vacuum.

For more straightforward utilization of the dust ports, the Y-fitting hose is best suited for the Bucktool bd4801. The essence of a dust    collector is obvious in this product, and that makes it a great inclusion to the product.

Sturdy Build

The Bucktool bd4801 has a sturdy build that is made from cast aluminum. This sanding machine has an aluminum base with two mounting holes, which helps reduce vibration. The aluminum base also gives the Bucktool bd4801 a sturdy and quality feel. It has a dimension. 22.6 x 2 x 11 inches and weight of 40.1 pounds.


  • Noiseless operation
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable belt sander
  • Improved sanding capability
  • Maintenance-free operation


  • The aluminum casting is thin due to the low cost.
  • The belt can be unbalanced when tilted up.


The Bucktool bd4801 can be purchased at the Amazon store for a price of $220. At this rate, users can be assured of a product that delivers its value for the money


The Bucktool bd4801 bench belt sander is an excellent product of choice when it comes to woodwork finishing. This product, which has been carefully reviewed, has been seen to showcase the best belt sanders’ features.

So if you are out there and are considering which sander your work would require, we are sure this review would have been helpful. In any case of doubt, you can consult customer review sections of the product for more assurance.

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