Makita 9403 Belt Sander Review 2020 – Everything You Need To Know

Makita 9403 Belt Sander

The struggle of having to use manual methods of sanding brought about the drive for better tools. This search led to the sanding process’s innovation and the creation of sanding equipment known as the sander.

This tool that comes in several variants and designs is all built to make work easier for artisans who have to undertake large tasks requiring sanding. Some of these sanders were built to handle curves and bring out the finesse of a craft.

However, the early designs had limited features, which have now been upgraded to contain functionalities that would make great craftsmanship possible.

Now users no longer have to go through the stress of having to work through several replacements all in a bid to get the work done.

The introduction of belt sanders brought about a new way to undertake sanding with great efficiency. This is why we have decided to introduce our readers to a new breed of sanders.

Yes, sanding doesn’t have to be tough, as there is a better-mechanized tool that brings about ease. This tool is the Makita 9403 belt sander, a piece of equipment fitted with the right tool for your sanding needs. Now, we have introduced our readers to this tool of great efficiency.

However, without adequate information on the Makita 9403 belt sander, then we might as well be bluffing. This is why we have put together this post to enlighten our readers and prospective buyers on the features and functionalities to expect in this piece of equipment.

In this post, we would look at features, specifications, and some pros and cons of the Makita 9403 belt sander, as this might help your decision to switch to a more efficient way of operation.

Who makes the best belt sander?

Belt sanders come in several designs, as brands try to outdo each other. However, in choosing the best belt sander, we would consider several factors, such as overall performance, design, and pricing. Once we have done this, we can categorically say that Makita is one of the best brands.

Highlights of the Makita 9403 Belt Sander

The Makita brand has been one which has paid much attention to the production of quality machinery, which makes work easier.

This is evident in how they designed the Makita 9403 belt sander, as its features standout amongst others. We would look at some of its specifications, such as its low noise emission, power capacity and efficient dust control.

Powerful Motor

A great sanding machine is expected to possess adequate power, and the Makita 9403 belt sander doesn’t fail in that aspect. This Makita belt sander is fitted with a powerful 11 amp motor designed for great efficiency.

This motor allows the Makita belt sander to churn out a variable speed range of about 1640 feet per minute. This speed, which needs to be put under check, is controlled by an electronic variable speed control for adequate balance.

For an efficient operation, the Makita 9403 belt sander operates with a 4 inches wide sanding abrasive belt, which barely requires any replacement. This 4-inch wide belt, coupled with the variable speed control, helps the belt sander maintain a constant speed.

Noiseless Operation

From the moment belt sanders became a thing, craftsmen have had to deal with the dredge of prolonged noise level when sanding. This is due to the heavy operation of most belt sanders and the continual operation of their motor.

However, this is not the case for the Makita 9403 belt sander, as it can be classified as the quietest belt sander available. The Makita 9403 belt sander produces a noise level of 84 dB, which is quite low for a machine of its caliber.


A great factor when it comes to choosing a belt sander is its design. This is because this tool is usually utilized for a long period. In consideration of operator comfort, the Makita 9403 belt sander is fitted with a large front grip for a smoother operation.

The large front grip also has an ergonomic design, which brings ease of use. Also, users don’t have to worry about incessant damage, as the Makita 9403 belt sander uses a labyrinth construction sealing style. The labyrinth construction seals the belt sander tightly and restricts contamination to the motor and bearings.

The belt sander cord is located at the top close to the front handle. With the right cord placement, users can efficiently work without restriction due to wire entanglement or positioning.

Flush sanding can be a difficult task without the right tools. However, those who choose the Makita 9403 belt sander have nothing to worry about. This belt sander sports a design that allows users to undertake wall flushing.

Dust Collection

The worry of many craftsmen who undertake a lot of sanding is mostly associated with dust collection. This can be tiresome, as sanding requires a lot of shaving and smoothing. The absence of a dust bag can reduce work efficiency, especially when utilizing heavy-duty equipment.

The dust bag is a feature that is well applauded in the Makita 9403 belt sander due to its efficient dust collection. The dust collector is also designed in a way that it swivels 360 degrees to aid comfort for the operator. Users can also make use of a dust mask for added protection.



  • Noiseless operation
  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Powerful motor
  • 360-degree dust collector
  • Great design
  • Easy handling
  • Double insulated



  • Limited color design
  • Corded power source
  • No Autotrack function



When it comes to the pricing for a tool of this efficiency, the consensus lies in the fact that it should come at a higher rate. That may be true about some products, but the Makita 9403 belt sanders are affordable.

With a pricing of $338.61, users get to enjoy a great tool for sanding at an affordable price on the Amazon store.

Final Verdict

In your bid to actualize great crafts and extraordinary designs, the use of an efficient belt sander is required. This sander should be one that is easy to use and has features that make your designs great.

The Makita 9403 belt sander review has shown the best of its features and specs. It should, however, be noted that the choice is left to you.

We have another wonderful sander for you, the Makita 9903 Sander.

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