Rikon 50-112 Belt Sander Complete Review

Rikon 50-112 – Everything You Need To Know

It might seem challenging to get an ideal combination of a belt sander and disc sander that gives you the perfect surfacing and shaping for your woodworks and other uses. The Rikon 50-112 is a 2-in-1 tool that offers many usage options.

Its belt is ideal for flattening edges and surfaces, shaping contours, and smoothening the inside curves, while the disc is perfect for edge work such as trueing outside curves and fitting miter joints. The Rikon 50 112 models with its 4 x 36 belt and 6 disc sander allow the belt frame to adjust to any preferred position, either vertical or horizontal, to give you sanding pleasure.

For comfort, while working, you can choose to detach the support fence of the belt to gain full access to the entire length of the 4 x 36 belt.

The Rikon 50 – 112 is a very portable tool that could fit into your home, small or big workshops when not in use; they could be easily stored at any corner of the house or shop regardless of how little it is. The rotating disc uses sandpaper backed by pressure-sensitive adhesive.

The work table offers excellent control of corners and board ends. Some of its features include easy release belt lever, massive cast iron base, handy disc sander, and table tilt for the best woodworking experience.

Highlight Of Rikon Sander Tools

For a great experience, manufacturing top quality woodworking tools is what Rikon Power Tools have been dedicated for years. This is why they tend to understand the needs of woodworking professionals, and they channel the discoveries into improving and manufacturing tools that give a fantastic woodworking experience.

They have solid confidence in their products, and it’s why they back the products up with a five years warranty. Their Sanders are proven tools of top quality, which are wired with 3 – wire 120V electrical receptacles. Their discs use sandpaper backed pressure-sensitive adhesive for precise edge work.

A Rikon disc sander is a direct drive tool for reliability and increased torque, while the belt sander has a speed that makes any work fast and smooth. Their sanding belt and disc have a good SFPM and RPM for speed; their heavy-duty also dampens vibration.

Specs Of Rikon 50 112

In this review, we will take a look at the specs of the 50 112 model of the Rikon sander, looking at its qualities and features to make it easy for customers to do a comparison between this product and others, giving a detailed explanation which would influence the customer when making a purchase.


Rikon 50 112 has a strong motor that converts electricity into mechanical energy. With a horsepower of 1/2 hp, the rate of work done is fast. The Rikon 50-112 also has a unit of electricity of 4.3 amps. And an electrical potential difference, volt of 120V 60Hz. With these motor capacities, the Rikon 50 112 is sure to give you a stress-less experience while working.



The Rikon 50-112 comes with a disc table and belt table, which allows for ease and comfortability while working. The disc table size is 9″ x 6-1/4″ and a disc table tilt of 0° to 45° forward, while its belt table size is 4-3/4″ x 1″. It also has a miter gauge; the miter gauge slot is 5/8″ x 3/8″.


Rikon 50 112 has a belt speed of 1900 SFPM, which makes it possible for the workpiece to be finished as soon as possible and ensures the smoothness of the piece of work. The belt also had a size of 4″ x 36″ and a tilt of 0° – 90°.


The disc speed of Rikon 50 112 is measured at 3450 RPM, which is a direct drive for increased torque and reliability for excellent edge work. The disc also has a diameter of 6″ PSA.


The overall shape and size of Rikon 50 112 are in this dimension: the height is 11″, width is 21″, depth is 10″, base size is 15-1/4″ x 6-5/8″, dust port is 1@2-1/2″, its net weight is 38.5 lbs.

Some Features Of Rikon 50 112

Still, on the review of Rikon 50 112, let’s look at some of the features of this product that make it outstanding and an option for buyers looking to get the best sanders.

Dust Port

You won’t like to be covered up by some specks of dust. At the same time, you’re busy working; neither will you want to have a dust cover the whole of your tool or workshop; that is why it is essential to get a sander that has a dust port that could effectively collect the dust. In contrast, you work, this is why the Rikon 50 112 is an option for woodwork practitioners.

Cast Iron Construction

The rikon 50 112 is made with cast iron and steel construction. Its heavy-duty base makes it possible for a vibration-free experience while working. Its miter gauge dampens the vibration of the tool.

Enough Power

The rikon 50 112 has enough power and speed rate for its disc and belt. Though you can only use either of the two at once, you can’t use the two at the same time, but the two work together. Yet, while working on one, it doesn’t reduce the pace of the other. It is a sander with direct drive, and that makes it difficult for it to slow down its speed.

Price Of Rikon 50 112

The rikon 50 112 tool is an excellent product of high quality but at a reasonable price. You can get one from Amazon for $159.9. The price is very much justifiable, considering the level of quality of the product.


  • Accuracy
  • Effective dust port
  • Powerful motor
  • Long-lasting
  • Increase in torque


  • It could only be used for a small piece of work
  • When used continuously, the motor might begins to slow down.

Final verdict

If you want to work effectively and efficiently with less time and at a fast speed, you may want to consider a Rikon sander. With good belt SFPM and disc RPM, the Rikon product boasts of a heavy working capacity and speed.

From the review, we’ve been able to discuss how well the 50 112 tools were made from the motor to the steel construction also to its easiness to change disc or belt.

The 50 112 is sure a well-made tool. You may as well do more research just to be sure, but I bet you will still fund the Rikon 50 112, an excellent product for a fantastic price.

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