Supermax Tools 16-32 Drum Sander with Stand – Complete Review 2020

SuperMax 16-32 drum sander Review

Working in the workshop may require different tools, varying from one uses to the other, some for cutting, some for joining, and some for sanding. It is at this that a sander is needed.

In this article, we will review one of the many drum sanders in the market. The usage of a drum sander comes in different ways and purposes amongst, which is the sanding of wood and plastic.

It is mostly useful when working with wide panels or figured wood. It’s usefulness also extends to reducing the stock thickness without grain tears with the flattening or smoothening of wide panels.

Its uses include the sanding of highly figured wood without causing the tear, removing milling tear-outs caused by the planer, sanding short stocks like a 2-1/4″, flattening and sanding end grain cutting boards, etc.

A drum sander is a powerful and incredible tool that will impact your workload and make your job easier with less stress. It is a tool that you must have in your workshop. The purposes of a drum sander in woodworking include quickly and neatly performing a vast number of sanding chores.

Aside from the fact that a drum sander speeds up the sanding process, it can also do the almost impossible tasks such as the thickness planer or jointer in a quicker way than the hand tools.

Supermax Tools 16-32 Drum Sander with Stand

If what you seek is a quality, standard drum sander that will offer you both efficiency and space economy, then the Supermax 16-32 drum is the tool you should check out. When talking about the best of the drum sanders, the Supermax 16-32 drum is apart as it will be difficult to list the names of the best, and the 16-32 drum sander wouldn’t appear.

Amongst the many features of the 16-32 drum sander is the patented Quick Adjustment Lever that enhances the drum with its entire 0″ to 3″ height range with the ease of pulling the lever. The traditional height adjustment wheel still gives room for fair adjustment, but the wheel does not need to repeat when a broad height adjustment is required. Also, the patented Quick adjust lever allows for the quick adjustment of wide and narrow stocks.

The supermax 16-32 drum sander has a turbo vent dust port that uses an impeller-like wing that improves by up to 15% dust collection. Instead of pushing, the rear-mounted conveyor motor pulls the stock to enhance conveyor tracking.

Built on the inside of the Supermax 16-32 drum sander is the DRO joined with intelliSand technology; it becomes easy to set up and can sand even without needing to fire or overload the motor.

The 16-32 can offer a 16″ sand width in a single pass while it provides a 32″ sand width in a double pass. It gives you the benefits of a wide belt sander by eliminating flat, smooth surfaces.

The 16-32 drum sander comes with its open stand, and the drum is also pre-wrapped with 80 grit sandpaper. Changing the belt, which is done by making adjustments to the take-up screw nuts on either of the two sides of the conveyor belt using handy captive wrenches, can be done swiftly.

You can remove a bolt and install a new grit belt as easy and fast as it takes you to change the blade on a table saw. There certainly are no complications in the adjustment of the conveyor belt tracking and the alignment of the drum parallel to the conveyor belt table. It is important to note that the conveyor belt speed is regulated automatically.

The 16-32 drum sander came fully assembled except for the stand, which will only take you a few minutes to set up with the manual’s aid that is well written and easy to understand. T

he material is mostly metal except for the drum height adjustment handle and the dust cover, plastic materials. As a result of its metal material, the vibration gets reduced, and the machine becomes very rigid, which helps keep the drum head and the conveyor belt in alignment.

According to SuperMax, the conveyor belt table is flat to about .010″ while the conveyor belt has a size of up to 21-1/2″ which is proper for short stock. But when you want to work on a long piece, you will have to install the optional in-feed and out-feed table available from SuperMax. They made provisions for an additional 21-1/2″ which will make the stock support a total of 43″.

You will have no problem feeding stock of up to 8″ long. You might have to use a roller stand for longer pieces and wide panels to the maximum capacity. You can amazingly lower the in-feed and out-feed tables, and this is a perfect space economy feature that will help you manage space in your house or workshop.

You have to press the lock buttons at both sides of the extension table to bring them low. But you have to be careful to make sure you support the end of the table with your knee and then press both buttons simultaneously.

The SuperMax 16-32 drum sander is an easy tool to set as the most challenging parts are pre-arranged from the factory. For example, the drum has been made parallel to the conveyor table, and the belt is tracked. This arrangement eradicates the need for an adjustment.

Users do not have to go through the stress of fixing all these; after quick assembling, you can put your new tool to use immediately. The conveyor belt should last for many years, except if you do just too much sanding work, you do not need to replace it. The possible event that could happen to require a replacement is in the event of accidental damage or wear, which can make the belt start tracking a tad to a side or the other.

The SuperMax 16-32 drum sander comes with two different motors. The first one is the 1-1/2 HP, 14 amp motor that controls the drum. In contrast, the second motor is the 1/20 HP, .45 amp motor that controls the conveyor belt. For aggressive sanding, you should connect the sander to a 20 amp circuit.

The two engines have their control panels at the front of the sander. The board base is a switch (red and yellow) that turns the drum motor. The button runs at a constant speed of 1740 RPM.

In contrast, a dial knob controls the conveyor belt speed, equipped with intelliSand technology. The intelliSand technology is an excellent feature on the 16-32 drum sander that makes it easier for sanding.

In a usual sanding process, you will have to adjust the conveyor belt speed manually as the sanding drum load varies to avoid the risk of burning the stock.

Still, with the addition of the intelliSand technology, you have no cause to worry as the intelliSand helps to monitor the draw from the primary motor, which drives the sanding drum then adjusts the speed of the conveyor motor.

Another fantastic thing about the 16-32 drum sander is the manual height adjustment handle smoothly moves the drum head. A full turn of the handle can raise or lower the drum head by 1/16″, quarter-turn will move the drum head by 1/64″. The fantastic thing here is that when turning the handle, there is usually no wobble or backlash.

It means that there’s no need to fiddle around while moving the handle to set the right depth of cut; this is most helpful when using the digital readout.

The SuperMax brand paid much detailed attention to the production of the 16-32 drum sander. This is evident in the dust cover latch in which a spring-loaded metal release button is used instead of a plastic catch.

The latch plate, which is on the lid, is also metal, and this makes it possible for the dust cover not to open when the latch is engaged.

One of the problems of a regular drum sander is the difficulty faced when it is time to change the abrasive belt. However, that is now done quickly and easily on the 16-32 drum sander.

This is as a result of the drum carriage, which has enough space for your fingers to freely hold the abrasive belt and wrap it around the drum. Also, users can now utilize the two belt spring clamps.

On the drum’s left side, the first spring clamps hold the belt in place while the second spring clamp gives it tension, which covers up any slack. The clamps can be easily reached with your forefinger to release the spring. When you remove the spring immediately, the tail end of the abrasive belt slips into position.

Though the drum sander comes with one 80-grit, you might want to consider getting more grits. This sander is useful for the light dimensioning of stock and regular practice.

SuperMax Tools

SuperMax Tools are an organization in the woodworking and metalworking industry that specializes in drum and brush sanders. Over the years, they have manufactured incredible tools and machines necessary for use in the workshop.

They have their factory in St. Paul, Minnesota, and they pride themselves on exceptional product quality, their knowledgeable customer service, and their hardworking technical support. These give them the experience and application expertise to help anyone in their sanding and finishing needs.

Supermax Tools 16-32 Drum Sander closeup

SuperMax Tools are always manufacturing selected larger models of drum and brush sanders in the United States. The woodworking and metalworking organization had also made attempts and successfully developed innovative changes to small models of drum sanders. This led to the production of the 19-38 drum sander in 2011, which was an award-winning choice. Since then, the brand has continued to expand its product line.


  • The 16-32 sander has a built-in digital readout for accuracy and ease of setup.
  • Quick adjustment lever for fast height adjustment. You have to pull the lever from 0″ to 3″ inches
  • It has an indicator conveyor arrangement used for a comprehensive stack.
  • It has an intelliSand technology that helps to control and adjust the conveyor speed automatically.
  • An extra-wide space for smooth access to the abrasive fastening system.
  • It has an optional in-feed and out-feed tables for additional support.
  • It has a tension roller that can help adjust heights and reduce stress to prevent sniping.
  • The self-cooling drum prevents overheating, and friction is prolonged.
  • It comes with a detailed, easy to understand, and follow user manual.
  • The supermax 16-32 drum sander removes setbacks in thrust bearing height adjustment.
  • The sander has a single alignment point, a nut conveyor, parallel to the sand head.
  • Its extra-wide conveyor helps to support the stock better than the width.




  • It has a fan cooler that is fully enclosed, which prevents significant motor dust infiltration.
  • It keeps strict tolerance for sand parts in the industry.
  • The conveyor is aligned to the head of the sand quickly and easily by just adjusting a nut.




  • The product comes at a fairly high price


The 16-32 drum sander from the stable of SuperMax Tools is a great tool that is very easy to assemble for quick usage. It helps automate the speed of the conveyor, so you don’t have to be responsible for burning the stock. Users can now utilize the product to achieve a well-gritted surface with no much stress.

It gives assurance of a stable parallel surface. Yes, they could be expensive, but these sanders are made to last, so you don’t have to spend on maintenance or repairs. New and existing customers can make their purchase of the product on Amazon.

When in use, the Supermax 16-32 drum sander can give an incredible surface finish on various materials. You also do not have to bother about how small your workshop is; the drum sander has a space economy feature so it can fit into your workshop and home workspace.

It is worth every single penny spent on it, you will enjoy the features that come with it, and you will never regret making a purchase.

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