Ginour 360° 750W Drywall Sander Review – 2020 Expert’s Guide

Ginour 360 750W Drywall Sander Review – What’s Good?

The beauty of sanding goes beyond wood and metal smoothing, as its purpose has been exported towards other household uses. Since introducing this method of smoothing a surface, artisans have tried to imbibe into other purposes to suit their needs.

However, unlike the regular belt and drum sanders used for metals and walls, a new type of sander had been introduced to alleviate the stress of other types of workers such as painters and wall finishers.

These artisans also need to carry out sanding of their finished jobs to help bring them to perfection. Since their work requires that they use layers of plasters, asbestos and cement, and then plywood, the finished job’s irregularity is impossible.

Ginour 360 750W Drywall Sander with vacuum attachment parts

The introduction of a drywall sander to the business of drywall sanding has brought about ease for artisans. These drywall sanders, which are designed for ease of operation, make sanding more efficient and faster through the use of an electronic device.

This is why we would like to share and review a special type of drywall sander with our readers. This would help them understand or fill a gap in acquiring the right tools for their job.

This tool is the Ginour 360 drywall sander, which is designed for those who are ardent lovers of a great finish and efficient work balance. This drywall sander, which can be acquired for home use, is designed to undertake heavy-duty activities.

Ginour 360 750W Drywall Sander with vacuum attachment head

Especially those that require sanding several drywalls or vast amounts of drywall space. With a comfortable handling design, you should be able to carry out several hours of work with the Ginour 360 drywall sander.

For those who are new to our reviews, we would look into the specifications and features and some of the positives and drawbacks of this product for better decision making.

Highlights of the Ginour 360 750w drywall sander

For the Ginour 360 drywall sander, the Ginour brand put enough attention into creating a quality piece of machinery. This electric drywall sander is tastefully designed with the user in mind as they seek to cement their place in the drywall sander niche.

Inadequately analyzing this electric drywall sander, we would focus on features such as Power capacity, Extensible handle, LED light, Automatic dust removal system, and Variable Speed.

Powerful Motor

The Ginour 360 drywall sander is a device tastefully designed and powered by a 750w engine. This engine is fitted with adequate power required to undertake loads of sanding without breaking down.

The 760w sander motor is made from high-quality material for increased durability. It uses a 6 amp motor, which provides its variable speed of about 1800 RPM according to different applications of its speed control levels. The variable speed is controlled by a speed dial, which gives up to 7 control levels.

This allows the user to determine and have control of the sander while working. Constant speed can also be achieved with this electric drywall sander, as it comes with a lock button features. This feature serves as a way to reduce the pressure on the motor during constant use.

For most people who like to control their sanding activities, the 7 levels variable speed control is well placed in a position where usage becomes easier and more efficient. Now users can enjoy 1000 to 1800 RPM according to their selection of the variable speed level and job type.

The inclusion of carbon brushes in this sanding machine helps increase this product’s durability, as it clears debris that may get into the motor.

Extensible Handle

When it comes to drywall sanders, the Ginour drywall sander is a great choice for undertaking drywall sanding tasks.

Drywalls can be tough to handle, especially when using conventional methods, as reaching certain finishing areas may be tough.

Although conventional drywall sanders may tackle your drywall sanding needs, reaching delicate and hard to reach areas can be tough. This detachable handle feature tackles those challenges, and that’s what the Ginour electric drywall sander offers its users.

This electric sander comes fitted with an extensible handle made from durable aluminum alloy extension rod, which can stretch to 5.5ft for better reach.

The Ginour drywall sander also has a detachable handle design, allowing users to easily remove and add to the desired length for easy usage.

This design also improves the drywall sander’s storage ability, as it can be easily moved around. There is also a carrying bag that comes in the package when you purchase the Ginour drywall sander.

LED Light

The Ginour 750w drywall sander also comes fitted with a design that makes it easy to use. This feature, which is the inclusion of a LED light design, allows for better visibility when sanding areas of drywall, which is far away from eye level and light.

This LED light feature allows the electric drywall sander to give the user visibility for an efficient sanding process. The lights are placed at the sander’s base pad; users can also get replacement LED lights for better and improved visibility.

Rotational Head

The Ginour drywall sander has a rotational 9-inch sanding head designed to rotate in a 360 dimension in several directions. The rotational sanding head is designed for automatic adjustment for uneven walls.

Most users prefer the fact that it has a pivoting head feature, as it gets the edges and those perpendicular walls that can be hard to reach.

Sanding Discs

The Ginour 750w electric drywall sander is a beast when it comes to carrying our sanding activities without stress. This sander, which has a 9-inch sanding disk, also comes with a replacement kit of 6 sanding discs for various purposes.

The 9-inch sanding discs are usually cleaned by the carbon brush, which is a protection for the motor and a maintenance technique for the sanding disc. For several users, a choice between the 6-piece grit hook and loop sanding discs can be tough.

The hook and loop system allows for easy swapping of the sanding discs. When it comes to efficient and required torque, the hook and loop base pad assures the user.

Dust Collection System

The greatest discomfort that comes from sanding revolves around the debris that is left in the wake of the drywall sander. This is not different from the Ginour 360 drywall sander, as it works with the regular sanding and smoothing process that all sander follow.

However, the Ginour electric drywall sander with a vacuum attachment is designed to make that mess unnoticeable and less disturbing. This feat is made possible by the inclusion of an automatic dust removal system.

This automatic dust removal system is possible through a vacuum connected to the dust collection bag and shop vac. With this feature, the automatic dust collection system handles debris management, thereby allowing increased efficiency for the user.

This drywall sander with vacuum attachment utilizes its dust collector quite efficiently, as the issue of dust is tackled right from its source.

The 13-foot flexible dust hose of this drywall sander with vacuum comes in the packaging and doesn’t require separate purchase. The 13-foot dust hose of the electric drywall sander assures users of 98% dust removal.


  • Dust collection bag inclusive
  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • 360° pivoting head
  • LED lights design
  • Carrying bag inclusive
  • 9-inch sanding discs



  • A bit heavy



For a price of $159.99, users get to enjoy the amazing features of the Ginour electric 750w drywall sander. With several specs up for grabs at that pricing, then you are getting a good buy for the money.

Final Verdict

For this electric drywall sander, we have looked at the features that the manufacturers have put into the product. What we can say is that this sander possesses amazing features and functionalities that beat its price.

Users get to enjoy a premium product at that pricing while still getting bonuses in its packaging that saves money. Overall, this is a good product.

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