Ginour 360° 750W Drywall Sander Review

Ginour 360° 750W Drywall Sander with vacuum attachment overview

Ginour 360 750W Drywall Sander with vacuum attachment parts
The DP30002 is designed for grinding drywall ceilings and the inner and outer surfaces of walls , clearing the floor residues , paint coatings , adhesive and loose plaster etc .
Built for your convenience , the vacuum collects dust , reduces air pollution , and cuts down on overall clean up time .
It comes with a hose , 6 sanding discs , carbon brush , a carrying bag and more .
PVC dust hose will significantly remove drywall dust , when connected to your shop vacuum ( not included ) .
A circle of brushes around the head helps to sweep dust from the wall and contain it under the sanding head , to ease dust extraction through the tool .
Exceptional Control Aluminum alloy extension handle extends the sander to 5.5 ft , which allows for a wider range of use ( including ceilings ) .
Speed : Our drywall sander is 900W power , you can adjust speed from 1400 rpm to 2700 rpm .
Compared with traditional artificially manual grinding , it works more efficiently and has better decoration quality .
Vacuum Suction Design : Our drywall sander has a self suction function that collects dust into the bag through a hose .
Prevents you from inhaling a lot of dust at work , creating a healthy working environment for you .
GV5010 is double insulated and has a soft grip handle for increased comfort on the job .
The GV5010 is a versatile and powerful disc sander engineered for industrial sanding applications .
Makita sanders deliver power , precision , and ease of use in a compact size .
Makita has full range of sanders and accessories engineered for pro contractors , for use in high production settings and in home shops .
Most sanding discs will attach to the head of the machine with velcro , which is great and really convenient .
But the thing you need to pay attention to is the disc size .


conclution on Ginour 360° .

Ginour 360 750W Drywall Sander with vacuum attachment head

If you want to be able to walk into any tool store and find more of the right size pads , make sure find out before you buy your sander if they replacement pads are easy to come by .
We made an effort in to mention when this was an issue in the appropriate drywall sander review .
It will be around 3 to 5 feet long and weigh at least 8 lbs . or so .
Any drywall sander will start to feel heavy after waving it around for a few hours .
Go to your local tool supplier and carry a few around to see what your preference is .
Some drywall sanders arrive fully assembled and pretty much all you have to do is take them out of the box and plug them in .
Others ask you to snap together one or two pieces , and still others have you assembling as if you were a factory worker .
If you will be frustrated by having to put it together , be sure to get one that jumps out of the box ready to go .

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