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Third , for the best results , you can use a drywall screen to catch drywall dust instead of accumulating the dust on a sandpaper sheet .
If you are sanding large areas , high walls , or more than one room , you should consider using a pole sander .
Rather than using wobbly step stools and ladders , the pole sanders provide short , sideways strokes or long , lengthwise strokes .
It is ideal for applying the drywall primer before painting , which requires minimal pressure and control .
However , to get the desired results , you must use the ideal tools for the job .
Sanding drywall can be a terrifying job especially when you think about all the sandpaper you will need .
Plus , the exhaustion that comes with sanding all day long and not to mention the dust that fills your eyes , ears , and lungs .
Using a drywall sander will make drywall sanding very easy , but the type of the sander will also determine if you enjoy or endure the chore .
Traditional sanding is out and electric sanding is in , but electric sanders are expensive .
Forget hours of sanding in a dusty environment that affects your health and leaves you with sore hands .
We have handpicked the top drywall sanders to help you choose the best drywall sander for your requirements .
Once you experience the convenience of electric drywall sanders , you will never go back to manual sanding again .
There is no need to spend a lot of money to buy the best drywall sander .

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We hope we have simplified your task by putting all of the best sanders together in one place .
However , the real problem comes after you finally get it on the wall : the taping , the mudding , and especially the sanding is where the fun really starts .
And yet , without a doubt , the sanding is really the most important part of the whole process .
A properly sanded piece of drywall is crucial , otherwise the finished wall will never really look right , no matter what you try to do to cover it up .
A typical sanding job without the proper equipment means an almost impenetrable cloud of dust , getting all over your clothes , skin , and hair , and making it almost impossible to breathe or see .
In addition , that dust goes all over your walls , making it necessary to wipe them down and clean them before doing any painting or priming .
Even worse , that dust quickly clogs up your sandpaper , meaning you have to stop frequently to change it out .
PVC dust hose will significantly remove drywall dust , when connected to your shop vacuum ( not included ) .
A circle of brushes around the head helps to sweep dust from the wall and contain it under the sanding head , to ease dust extraction through the tool .
Exceptional Control Aluminum alloy extension handle extends the sander to 5.5 ft , which allows for a wider range of use ( including ceilings ) .
The DP30002 is designed for grinding drywall ceilings and the inner and outer surfaces of walls , clearing the floor residues , paint coatings , adhesive and loose plaster etc .
Built for your convenience , the vacuum collects dust , reduces air pollution , and cuts down on overall clean up time .
It comes with a hose , 6 sanding discs , carbon brush , a carrying bag and more .
Only rough walls that can match the sturdiness of the grit sand paper allocated .
On the vacuum hose , you can attach an external vacuum to route them out the dust particles from your work area .
It is still efficient in minimizing the danger of being exposed to particles .
There are hook and loop straps that can be used to attach the vacuum to the disc sander .
Speed : Our drywall sander is 900W power , you can adjust speed from 1400 rpm to 2700 rpm .
Compared with traditional artificially manual grinding , it works more efficiently and has better decoration quality .
Vacuum Suction Design : Our drywall sander has a self suction function that collects dust into the bag through a hose .
Prevents you from inhaling a lot of dust at work , creating a healthy working environment for you .


Another reviewer was highly impressed by this variable speed dustless drywall sander , saying that she was able to polish off ceiling sanding without any issues at all , giving it a glass smooth sheen .
The manufacturers also say that its pivoting 8.5 inch head can swivel in all directions , saying that it can be adjusted to be flush with every surface .
One reviewer that we spoke with said that for the price , it really is unbeatable value .
The final option we examined was the Power Pro 2100 electric drywall sander .
Our second sander is the Power Pro 2100 which boasts of a powerful 710 watts power motor.it is also very sturdy since it uses 9 mm disks .
The greatest feature of the sander is its extendable pole which comes in handy when you want to work on ceilings and high places .
The sander also comes with 6 different sanding disks which have varying grit values .
The grit value represents how rough the sanding paper on the disk is .
At 9 pounds this

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