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Zeny 800W Electric Drywall Sander

One of the most crucial ( but also most loathed ) parts of home construction is drywall sanding .
Irrespective of whether using a turbo drywall sander or a sanding pad , if it is not done correctly , the finished walls can look terrible , so there is no getting around it .
A major aspect of this job that makes it such a pain is the fact that the drywall dust tends to get everywhere and create a huge mess .
If you have determined that you need to do some drywall sanding , it is important to understand the different tools available to you , so that you can ensure that you do , in fact , have the right tool for the job .
We can break drywall sanders down into a two main categories : manual and powered .
For most people , a manual drywall sander is definitely not the right tool to tackle the whole job .


Why do we think Wen 6369 Drywall Sander is good for you

Once you experience the convenience of electric drywall sanders , you will never go back to manual sanding again .
There is no need to spend a lot of money to buy the best drywall sander .
We hope we have simplified your task by putting all of the best sanders together in one place .
Traditional sanding is out and electric sanding is in , but electric sanders are expensive .
Forget hours of sanding in a dusty environment that affects your health and leaves you with sore hands .
We have handpicked the top drywall sanders to help you choose the best drywall sander for your requirements .
One Porter Cable buyer was impressed that the articulating sanding head had such exceptional rotation , enabling him to stand in place as he performed the sanding , only minutely changing the angle of his body to reach different areas of the ceiling or the wall .


Should you buy it?

Wen 6369 Drywall Sander parts

He advises new users to take breaks , splitting up the work so that you divide the wall and ceiling sanding in a staggered fashion .
Another buyer we interviewed told us that he was rehabbing his house , performing renovations in his kitchens and bathrooms , and found that the Porter Cable dustless drywall sander was essential to performing the job .
At 9 pounds this is probably the lightest of the electric drywall sanders .
Even changing the sand paper disc is so easy as it comes with a hook and loop feature .
Just peel the old one away and stick the new one in seconds for virtually uninterrupted sanding .
With 50 grit sandpaper and those hard surfaces , it managed to keep constant speed and not slow down which is excellent .
It has a versatile variable speed of 450 to 1050 RPM and the construction quality is on par with the competition on this level .
The machine is easily unmounted in 3 parts for easy storage and it comes with its own carrying case , 6 pieces of sandpaper ( different grits ) and a vacuum hose .
LED light , a hose , 6 sanding discs , and a dust bag , and you can detach the brush segment , this gives you access to edges and corners .
The vacuum suction is adjustable , and while it is a powerful sander , it is easy to carry and is not too heavy for long job loads .
The Sander itself is designed to perform as good as it looks and you will not only enjoy a fast and reliable experience but enjoy using this on all jobs .
It extends from 3.6 to 5.2 feet and has an incredibly sturdy and smooth pivot that ensure you can sand any angle with ease .
It cleans virtually every little grain of dust and leaves you with a fantastically clean environment .
For professionals , this is the best drywall sander in the market and I definitely recommend it .
You will like the easy clamp system so you can have faster and easier loading .
Sanding surfaces without creating a mess with this sander will make your cleanup easier and allow you to get your work done without anymore mess than necessary .
Easily attach it to any wet or dry vacuum , add the sanding screen in place of sandpaper and you are ready to go .
Most sanding discs will attach to the head of the machine with velcro , which is great and really convenient .
But the thing you need to pay attention to is the disc size .


If you want to be able to walk into any tool store and find more of the right size pads , make sure find out before you buy your sander if they replacement pads are easy to come by .
We made an effort in to mention when this was an issue in the appropriate drywall sander review .
It will be around 3 to 5 feet long and weigh at least 8 lbs . or so .
Any drywall sander will start to feel heavy after waving it around for a few hours .
Go to your local tool supplier and carry a few around to see what your preference is .
The rotating heads can swivel in every direction , allowing the 6377 model to consistently sand every drywall surface flush .
The two heads are easy to detach and replace without the use of external tools .
Just slide back the discharge hook , pick the cushion shape and get to work .
The 9 lbs unit is easy to navigate and lift above your head to reach high places .
Some drywall sanders arrive fully assembled and pretty much all you have to do is take

Wen 6369 Drywall Sander Review