Wen 6369 Drywall Sander Review For 2021

WEN 6369 Review 

Wen is a reputable Chinese brand in the industry of power tools. Wen has been a dominant force that has been striving hard for decades. They are well-known for high-quality products that are a top-most priority for many consumers. 

Their products are loaded with features that you can’t afford to miss out on. Below, we will review one of their best-sellers, Wen 6369 Drywall Sander.

Sanding drywall manually can be a grueling task for you. It may take hours of effort and struggle, but the results won’t be fruitful enough to satisfy your needs. The reason is, you’re not utilizing the right equipment. 

Get your hands on the right drywall sander that can be a time-saver option for your construction needs. The different components of Wen 6369 ensure that you’re just standing at a place and seeing the sander do the wonders.

This drywall sander is a blend of various power tools, including a chainsaw, electric soldering gun, wheel sharpeners, electric engraver, electric jigsaw, and knife.

So, this indicates the drywall sander is highly multipurpose equipment designed for DIY or home improvement professionals.

Ever wondered how to reach those hard to reach areas and get the task done proficiently?

Wen drywall sander is perfectly made for the purpose of reaching those areas quite easily. There is no need for long climbers that gather extra space but instead go for a versatile tool with all in one feature.

Let’s take a closer look at the Wen 6369 drywall sander and see how it makes tasks a no-brainer for you.

WEN 6369 2021

Features of Wen 6369

Easy to use

Who doesn’t want equipment that is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical skills to operate? Presenting you the Wen 6369 that is a breeze to operate. Get ready to give your sand ceilings and walls a lovely look.

As earlier, we discussed those hard-to-reach areas, which is nearly impossible for many drywall sanders in the market. Wen 6369 has the potential to make things achievable.

All hail to the 8.5-inch head that swivels in all directions, giving you an excellent opportunity to reach simply anywhere. 

Wen 6369 flush against every surface that crosses its path. However, to deal with the myriad of tasks feasibly, it offers a speed control ranging from 600 to 1500 RPM.

Additionally, changing the sandpaper has never been this easier with the perfect 6- combination-grit sanding discs. Besides, the foldable design allows for maximum storage for your stockpile.

What’s more to offer? Wen customer support is nothing but simply amazing. The variable speed control comes with a 2-year warranty, and that is something necessary so, if you feel like a defect or fault in its functioning, then feel free to get it replaced.

Wen 6369 Variable Speed 

With the excellent varieties in speed, adjust it based on your preferences. It comes with 6-bits of snare and circle sandpaper plates such as 60, 80, 120, 150, 180, and 240.

Take your finishing to the next level by attaining the best speed control on the desired tasks. Just one step closer to give your drywall sander the look you want.

Performance and 5 amp drywall sander

The high-end performance makes it one of a kind, and it’s currently among the best in the market.

So, let’s take a look at what makes this sander one of the bests.

It features a 5-amp strong motor that is the reason behind the power-packed performance. It works flawlessly and ensures that the results obtained are positive in every way.

When it comes to the final result of the project, thank the motor that does the job quite efficiently. 

It is equipped with a 120V head-mounted motor, which is like the icing on the cake that enhances the performance of the sanding.

How? It offers an improved torque to the sanding disc that combines to deliver incredible performance and makes the large, complicated projects a piece of cake for you.

Ensure operating the equipment in the right way, and the results will surely go your way.

Wen 6369 discs

Design and Dimensions

If we talk about the design of the Wen 6369, then it has got some aesthetics. Confidently sand the walls and ceilings with a cool design.

Moreover, the thin and lightweight machine is another notable feature. It weighs around 9.2 pounds of weight, meaning it is quite convenient to maneuver around, which favors the portability factor. 

On the other hand, the dimensions are 58.75x10x15.75. The dimensions indicate that it takes up less space and can be settled anywhere. You’ll be glad to know that this model is flimsier than its previous versions.

Top-end Dust Collector System

Everyone wants a drywall sander that doesn’t accumulate much of the dust. However, as sanding involves a lot of dust to disperse here and there, it can be messy when you don’t have proper drainage for dust. 

Here’s good news for you. 

The Wen 6369 takes care of your environment and therefore features a dust collection port. The stretchable 15-inch dust hose is like a cherry on the top that does wonders by cleaning the fuss in minimum time.

What do you need to do? Just attach the shop vac attachments and let the cleaner do its job. But there’s something that you need to know, make sure to deal with the weight, as it could be heavier than before.


Are you on a tight budget but still want a drywall sander that is enriched with supreme features? Wen 6369 is a go-to product. 

This budget-friendly unit works for everyone, and high-performance makes it a superb choice. It is competitively priced lower than most of the other sanders in the market. However, low-price doesn’t affect quality performance.


  • This sander, being priced fairly in the expensive world, is the best choice for many. Be it, professionals or beginners, home improvement tasks have never been this easier when you have the right equipment in your hands.
  • The easy to use features make the sanding projects fun. You can perform the sanding comfortably for any kind of project.
  • A vacuum cleaner is like a bonus feature of the power tool that eats the dust efficiently.
  • Contractors find this sander power tool as an amazing investment.
  • No use of a ladder; it stretches about 5 feet to make the things reachable.
  • A 5-amp powerful motor is a standout feature of this unit that lets you easily undertake complicated projects with ease.


  • Some users reported that the sanding discs and motor are not smooth enough to operate.
  • Sometimes, the rigid shop vac is not efficient enough to soak the sawdust.
  • A few parts are made up of plastic.

Wen 6369 Review

Does it work for a wooden deck?

As the name suggests, drywall sander specializes in wall sanding. So, using a wooden deck might not work. Regular vibrating power sanders work flawlessly for a wooden deck.

Is Wen 6369 capable of corner sanding?

Sadly, the answer is no, and the reason is obvious. You cant sand the corners with the drywall sander, as the circular pads cant get to reach those areas. For corner sanding, you can prefer the old sanding method that is hand sanding.

Final Verdict

Here’s the end of the Wen 6963 review. We hope that you have enjoyed looking at the wonderful features of the powerful sander.

What sets this product apart from others is the price-range, user-friendliness, and strong performance it delivers. 

Not only these, since it is a mixture of multiple power tools, you can also easily gain a partial advantage of a vacuum cleaner.

Keeping its benefits aside, controlling and operating with it safely is what matters the most. Make sure to actively sand as soon as you lose control over the speed and spinning action; it can severely damage you.

Whether you want to renovate your house, or if you are a professional contractor, this power tool has got you covered. 

The reason is it easily fits the needs of DIY’s enthusiasts and professionals as well. The popcorn ceiling is one of the best tasks to undertake with this drywall sander.

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