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Bosch Orbital Sander GET75-6N

As a craftsman, the challenge of getting the right tools for your work can be strenuous. One has to navigate through the abundance of listings and features to get the one that suits our needs. This is sometimes annoying as the chances of buying the tools that won’t serve us well are very easy.

From electric saws to drillers, a quality tool is all one needs to make this a possibility. This was what most tool manufacturers noticed, as they all went into the innovation of tools that are packed with amazing features.

Now one does not have to use substandard or predated tools anymore, as we have tools now packed with great technological advancements.

Now the world of craftsmanship has witnessed more creativity than ever before as we see tools with advanced functionalities. Some of these tools are well-packed with features that one would think they need to break the bank, but that’s not the case, as more compact sized equipment are now available.

You can acquire one of these tools for a few bucks and still actualize more projects with improved accuracy and efficiency. A whole deal of craftsmanship is now possible with their utilization.

We could talk about how advancements in the artisan field of work have improved over time, but that would make us deviate from our review’s purpose.

This review is geared at dissecting the features and specifications of the Bosch orbital sander, a machine so well designed it makes your sanding projects easy.

The device, which is a product of the Bosch brand, is well crafted; however, its worth wouldn’t be well accepted without a proper introduction.

We would look at the features that we have found to be quite innovative in this orbital sander and how it stands beside other products of the same functionality.

In our review, we would pay attention to features that we have noticed most users appreciate when picking a sander.

Some features such as its motor capability, sanding speed, and dust collection would be considered in this review. This way, we would be putting out adequate information on the Bosch orbital sander for our readers’ consideration.

Highlights of the Bosch Orbital Sander

In giving an adequate review on the Bosch Orbital Sander GET75-6N, we would have to delve into the product’s features.

This product, which is designed for consummate craftsmen, is well fitted with some standout features that make the product a great choice.

Users get to enjoy specs such as a powerful motor, dual sanding mode, turbo mode, and so much more. We would pick them one after the other and provide you with that means for your sanding work.

Dual Sanding Mode

The Bosch GET75-6n has a design that isn’t fairly common in the sanding sector. This feature, which the brand calls the dual sanding mode, is designed to provide a dual-mode sanding opportunity based on the work required.

The dual-mode, which includes the random orbit mode and the turbo mode possess an ability that would suit specific work description.

Random Orbital Mode

This mode is the general sanding mode that most orbital sanders offer.

This is because the dual-mode setting allows the Bosch orbital sander to randomly sand through your project at an optimal speed, thereby leaving a clean-finished job. When this mode is utilized, woodworkers generally have to spend more time finishing.

Turbo Mode

The Bosch orbital sander also comes with a turbo orbit mode, which is great for voluminous jobs. This setting is designed to churn out great speed, which gives the users five times more than the normal random orbit mode would deliver.

The Bosch turbo mode uses an aggressive stock removal method that would beat that of most random orbit sander.

Power Motor

The Bosch orbital sander is just about one of the powerful orbital sander out there with its innovative power motor. Thus orbital sander uses a 7.5 amp motor that delivers an incredible speed of about 7300 RPM when in its no-load orbit setting.

The machinery can also actualize a speed of about 290 to 640 RPM. This is an efficient range for most power tools as a balance of speed and power is required. Its variable speed is a good reason to get this product as you can work faster and more efficiently.


When it comes to design, the Bosch orbital sander has a quite eye-catching look. The orbital sander has a design that makes it comfortable for the user to properly handle the work tool.

With a design that borders on ergonomic handling, the Bosch orbital sander has a double grip handle on both sides of the sander for comfort.

The auxiliary handle moves sideways to the right, and the other follows the body of the tool with a rubberized grip.

The main and auxiliary handle grip has soft friction-free grip handlers that don’t allow it to slide off the user’s hand. This soft grip design is a great addition to the power tool as it may be used over a longer period.

There is also a counterbalance weight placed inside the Bosch sander that eradicates the possibility of vibration for the user.

The sander and smoother are fitted with a pad dampening braking system, which gives surfaces protection from swirl marks when working. The sanding pad dampening technology gives your job a smooth finish and eradicates shaving marks.

The Bosch sander also has a soft microcellular hook and loop backing pad for better project protection. A combination of the standard quality aluminum casing and pad mounts reduces the motor’s incessant vibration.

Ergonomics are an important fact in sanding, and the slim design of the Bosch 6 inches orbital sander support that very fact. The blue color design also gives the orbital sander and awesome thunder lightning look.

Multi-hole Pad System

A great feature of the Bosch orbital sander with turbo mode is its multi-hole pad system. This feature allows users to have access to a series of abrasive discs for their projects. The multi-hole pad system allows the factory fitted interchangeable disc to be replaced with a select few replacements.

Passive Dust Collection

When it comes to sanding and smoothing, the biggest issue that woodworkers face is the dust that gathers while working.

This most times cause a mess and reduce the efficiency of undertaking the said project. As is known for most sanders, a dust collector is required to make the job easier.

For the Bosch power tools, the brand used a passive dust collection design that allows users to collect dust directly from their workshop vacuum.

The Bosch sander uses an external dust hose and vacuum cleaner. Material removal is now fairly efficient with its large channels strategically placed within the pad through its dust ports.

Users who want to make use of these dust collection systems can purchase the extra parts for a fee on the Amazon store.


  • Easy to use design
  • Auxiliary grip design
  • Multi-hole pad system
  • Turbo orbit motor design



  • Additional apparatus needed
  • Needs external vacuum box



The $299 price tag on the Bosch GET75-6N is just about how much someone would get for a product of that quality. Packed with exciting features that are easy to use and very efficient, this is a very good buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

For lots of prospective users, there are lots of questions to ask concerning the Bosch orbital sander. These questions are valid, as they tend to answer some of the questions on the buyer’s mind. So below are a few frequently asked questions readers have asked concerning the Bosch sander.

Q: How powerful is the Bosch orbital sander?

A: The Bosch orbital sander is quite powerful in its operations, as a 7.5amp motor powers it. This motor allows it churns out great speed and power your projects require

Q: Is it compulsory I get the Bosch power tool external hose and vacuum?

A: The choice of external apparatus to use is left to you, as the manufacturer’s product is a better fit.

Q: Can the Bosch sander be used on steel?

A: This is subject to the sanding pad being utilized. A sanding pad that is designed for metal is sure to undertake steel projects.

Final Verdict

For those who are in the market for a decent sander, the Bosch orbital sander is a great option as it is packed with interesting features.

With a price that isn’t off the charts, woodworkers and craftsmen can carry out jobs with the assurance of utilizing a good product.

Bosch orbital sander users get to enjoy a functional turbo mode, pad dampening braking system, dust control, and a dual-mode sander.

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