dynabrade 59020 random orbital sander

The random orbital sander purchase process is exciting and frightening. There are so many brands to choose from, personal product models, features, price ranges, etc. Dynabrade 59020 5 inches having 127 mm diameter is supplied by Dynashop. It is a non-vacuum tool with maximum 12000 RPM and 0.65 (186) power rating. Its weight is 0.65 kg. Dynabrade 59020 5 inches having 127 mm diameter has a non-vacuum refined ergonomic tool grip that allows for more comfortable grip and feel, reduces operator fatigue and increases efficiency. It has a fully-balanced, weighted sand pad with a unique single-piece hub design. Dynabrade premium urethane pads provide smooth operating performance and minimal vibration.

What’s Included

dynabrade 59020 random orbital sander

Dynabrade 59020 random orbital sander includes:

Sanding pad

It has a low profile, premium urethane weight matched sanding pad.

Vacuum conversion kit

Vacuum conversion kits are available to easily convert a non-vacuum tool into a self-generating vacuum tool or central vacuum tool.

Gray Lever

Gray Lever 3/16 inches having 5mm diameter detects the orbit, which is used for ordinary sand.





Dynabrade is known for its high quality air instruments. These sanders are not cheap, but they last forever. Dynabrade 59020 non-vacuum random orbital sander is solid and reliable. It can be used by you for years with very good results. If you are a professional, or a talented hobbyist, you may find this sander a very easy task handler for your purposes. However, as an occasional homeowner for sander, you can’t fault this model. It is powerful for use with most household chores. The Dynabrade 59020 is not your typical power sander. It produces excellent surface finishes over a wide variety of materials. Therefore, this Dynabrade 59020 random orbital sander is worth every cent you invest in it. Enertwist random orbital sander is also a great sander available in the market.