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Ingersoll Rand 328B Review – By Expert Craftsmen

Whether you are a woodworker, a craftsman or maybe your job requires you to make art out of the most mundane of things; then you might know that it requires lots of effort. This effort can be reasonably expended if you were to make use of the right tool.

Some of these tools are designed to bring about ease and efficiency to your craft. According to the reviews we got, most craftsmen agree that the introduction of work/power tools is an essential part of their job. So as a woodworker, what is that must tool that should be in your workshop?

With the number of tools available to the average craftsman, choosing the right tool is important. The addition of more mechanized ways of handling this task would boost your overall performance.

One such tool which we find very helpful is the mechanical sander. This is a tool that has evolved from the rudimentary ways through which craftsmen have undertaken their sanding jobs and removal of body filler.

The mechanical sander would be used as the umbrella name for any sander, requiring an external power source. Under this group, we have the drum sander, the orbital sander and the belt sander.

For this review, we would be looking at a brand of the orbital sander. The sander that would be in our spotlight for this post is the Ingersoll Rand 328B.

The Ingersoll Rand 328B is a well-designed power tool, and we would be highlighting the features of this product, so our readers can get a feel of its ability.

Highlights of the Ingersoll Rand 328B

As with most sanders that we have reviewed, the Ingersoll Rand 328B is a great choice for your sanding needs, as it is packed with great features.

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From its dual action pad motion to its low vibrational operation, the Ingersoll Rand 328B orbital sander is one to look out for. Below are some of its stand out features that users can look forward to enjoying.

Dual Action Pad Motion

The Ingersoll Rand 328B orbital sander is a fine heavy-duty power tool. This beast is designed and fitted with an 8 inch dual-action pad, which provides users with the ability to make sanding possible in this mode.

This feature, which talks about how the sander moves, gives users the ability to efficiently get at the surface. This is made possible because the rotational pad moves around the central axis while another motion makes the eccentric axis rotate around its orbit.

This means that the 8 inch sander provides two rotational motions that make your sanding swift and give users a swirl-free finish.

This heavy-duty air geared orbital sander is specifically designed to tackle heavy-duty jobs, ranging from wood to metal. The dual-action pad is just the right fit to tackle those body fillers, wood sanding and metal jobs.

Power Motor

As we have stated earlier, the Ingersoll Rand 328B is an orbital sander and, as such, is powered by something other than an electrical source.

The Ingersoll Rand 328B orbital sander is a heavy duty air geared orbital sander which is powered by an air source. The 8 inch pad is powered by its .25 horsepower motor, which also provides users with the needed motion for efficient body filler removal.

The horsepower of this air geared orbital sander also provides users with 825 free RPM, which allows the 8 inch pad race for perfection.

The 8 inch Ingersoll Rand 328B great performance is spurred by its power source. For this heavy duty air geared orbital sander to work perfectly, users need to feed it 4 CFM of average air consumption. This air consumption is the optimal requirement for the best performance.

Low Vibration

Many who use sanders understand the constant vibrations these power tools produce during operation. This is due to the constant rotation of the motor and the sander.

This is also the same with this heavy duty air geared orbital sander. However, it beats most brands with its vibrational power.

The 8 inch Ingersoll Rand 328B orbital sander produces low vibration during operations and therefore makes the user work for a long time. So users can expect long life usage free from excessive vibrations for a great experience.

Balanced Ball Bearing Design

Design is a very important factor in any product, and this heavy duty air geared orbital sander doesn’t fail in that aspect.

The balanced ball bearing construction of the Ingersoll Rand 328B air geared orbital sander helps keep the sander in place to adequately remove body filler from wood and other surfaces. Users are also assured of balance during handling, and this makes them work more efficiently.

For the outlook, the 8 inch Ingersoll Rand 328B has an eye-catching look with its red paint finish. The handle is also quite comfortable during extended usage.

There is also a hose port for air consumption attached to the underside of the handle. There is also a lever throttle to help customers/users control the supply of air intake.


  • Extended use
  • One year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Dual action pad motion
  • Low vibration



  • Heavy



The Ingersoll Rand 328B heavy duty sander is an affordable tool that would make your sanding work clean and one of the best a sander can provide.

This 8 inch sander comes at a price of $115 on the amazon store. This is an amazing price to pay for a tool that makes your sanding and other related jobs possible.

Final Verdict

In this review, we have looked at features of the 8 inch Ingersoll Rand 328B sander. We saw some of the specs behind its amazing sanding performance. For a product of that price range, the 328B stands out among other sanders of the same price range.

Overall it offers a great service, and so if you intend to purchase this sander, then you’d be making a nice choice.

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