Skill PWRCor 20 Brushless 20V Random Orbital Sander

From wood furniture remodeling to cabinet rehabilitation projects, the high-performance SKIL PWRCore 20 ™ Random Orbital Sander can address every project in ultra-smooth sanding and what’s in between. This versatile cordless electric sander can rotate and vibrate at once, eliminating noticeable whirlpools and leaving other electric sanders behind in performance. The hook and loop pad makes switching sand paper fast and easy, not wasting time at work. This Orbital Sander Kit comes with the PWRCore 20 ™ 2.0Ah Lithium Battery and Automatic PWRJump ™ Charger, which offers longevity and battery life.

What’s Included

Skill PWRCor 20 Brushless 20V Random Orbital Sander components

It has a random orbital sander, PWRASSIST ™ mobile charging with a 2.0Ah battery, PWRJump ™ charger, 5 sanding papers and a dust box.

Some Features

20V Orbital Sander Kit:

SKIL PWRCore 20 ™ Random Orbital Sander kits include PWRCist ™ 20 2.0H Lithium Battery, PWRCist USB port and PWR Jump ™ Wrath.

Powerful performance:

The digital brushless motor delivers efficient, high-performance power, reaching 11,000 RPM.

Different speed control:

Provides maximum control for various projects and surfaces.

Minimized Fatigue:

Microfiltration Dust canister creates a clean working environment and enhances the life of the switch on / off switch tool.

Hook and Loop Pad

Make sandpaper quick and easy to keep your project running.

Longer time and battery life

Industry-leading PWRCor 20 Lithium Battery Technology wraps each cell with cooling material, runs the battery up to 25%, and lasts 2 x battery life.

PWRAssist mobile When turning on the GO-plug on the battery’s USB port with mobile charging.

Charge in 5 minutes:

PWR jump will charge the battery from 0% to 25% in just 5 minutes.

Other Features





SKIL PWRCore 20 ™ Random Orbital Sander is a great little sander with a collection container for casual use. If you are a professional, or a talented hobbyist, you may find this sander a very easy task handler for your purposes. However, as an occasional homeowner for sander, you can’t fault this model. It is powerful for use with most household chores. The collection bag works great and keeps dust from the air, your lungs and your face. There is a tremendous amount of vibration with the use, so you will have to use thick gloves to avoid the discomfort caused by shaking. Apart from vibration it works well and is a good price. All in all, a great little sander at a great price. It appears to be a quality tool. Dynabrade 59020 random orbital sander is also a great sander available in the market.