Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Orbital Sander Review For 2021

Bosch ROS20VSC Review 

Bosch is another giant name in the industry of power tools. The strong, durable, and feature-rich products are some of the highlights of the Bosch brand.

Bosch ROS20VSC is one of the leading orbital sanders. Nowadays, many contractors and DIY professionals have already heard about this masterpiece.

Woodworking can be a back-breaking task, especially when you don’t own the right tools.

Being a homeowner, you can’t afford to see imperfections, varnish, and rough sports on any type of wood.

However, if you want to give your wood piece an envisioned and finishing touch, then the Bosch ROS20VSC is a great choice for you.

This unit might not be the best equipment for hardwood floors, but it works flawlessly in departments from woodworking to paint stripping.

Bosch ROS20VSC Review

The impressive features of the Bosch random orbital sander make it an outstanding choice for cabinetmakers, woodworkers, and carpenters. If you really want to give your tabletop a smooth finish, then nothing beats the Bosch ROS20VSC.

Moving forward, let’s take a look at some of the finest features of this unit and how it makes the large, complicated projects a breeze for you.


Easy setup

Starting with the setup, it is so easy that even a non-technical person with zero skills could setup and starts operating it.

Installing a disc is the foremost step of this orbital sander. The next step involves aligning 8 holes that are moving inside the pad’s ring with the holes on the disc and then pressing it quickly.

Once done, the pad now sticks to the tool like a velcro. When you’re done using the pad, you have to find the space between the main pad and the disc and then peel the back.

Pad Attachment

Similarly, this orbital sander uses a hook and loop attachment system, common among other high-end orbital sanders.

Talking about the hook and loop design, Bosch has come with its own idea known as Hooktight. The design is exceptional, which comprises 35,000 professional hook loops responsible for gripping the disc during operation. When it comes to hooks’ material, they are extremely durable and can serve you in the long-run easily.

On top of all that, to give a more polished and fine look at the end of your project, it is installed with a microcellular backing pad that vouches for smooth, flat, and blemish-free sanding results, and that’s impressive.

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

High Performance

The Bosch ROS20vsc is powered by a 2.5 amp motor. But, many veteran woodworkers criticize it. However, the Company is sure that woodworkers would fall in love with the aggressive performance once they get a trial run.

Another big selling point of this sander is it comes with an 80-grain sanding pad. Large projects will require pads of a couple of different grains, so you need to purchase additional ones as well.

Once you’re done and everything is ready, you need to attach and plug the sander into a 120-V sanding pad. Now, pick the best speeds from the variety of 6 options, and then press the trigger button, which resides right at the top of the handle.

Variable Speed Control

Variable speed control is one of the exciting features of this product. The variable speed control allows you to adjust the speed based on your preferences depending upon the complexity of projects.

The speeds range from 7500 to 12,000 RPM. The range is flexible enough to give you total control over the desired tasks.

How does it work? If you’re dealing with high-efficiency tasks that require high power efficiency, then you can set the sander to a greater speed.

On the other hand, if you’re undertaking a delicate or small-scale task, then working at a slower speed would do your job. So, make sure to play with the speeds accordingly and enrich your projects with professional results.

Bosch Dust Collector

ROS20VSC Dust Collection System

Dust collector ports are one of the essential and awesome features of a power tool. A dust collector port is placed that perfectly drains the dust with minimum fuss to deal with.

Fortunately, this orbital sander from Bosh features a microfilter system that connects to the vacuum hose adapter, which delivers impressive performance.

The dust micro filter system can capture all the dust particles, regardless of their size. Once the dust collector is filled, you can detach it by twisting the pod, vacant it, and reattach it, which is simply a no-brainer task.

Quiet and Low Vibration Operation

Here is another useful feature that contractors are going to love. Nobody wants to work in an environment where there’s so much noise to lose concentration.

The Bosch comes with a low vibration feature that makes sure the noise produced is very minimal. However, you can still feel the vibration, but that won’t bother you from working.

Soft Grip Top

For home improvements professionals or contractors that use it for long-hours, Bosch has designed a comfortable soft, and firm grip. The soft grip reduces your hands’ stress, making the complex projects easy for you.

Bosch ROS20VSC Disc


Bosch gets all the praise with the fine, refreshing design that is a treat to watch. Off/on buttons are integrated on the front area.

You will find a standout feature of the bosch at the back, which is variable speed random. Alongside this, you get an 8-foot power cord and a 5-inch diameter sanding pad that is located inside the dampening ring.

Pad Dampening System

When it comes to the sander’s integral dampening system, it is embedded internally, which is one reason this unit is capable of doing wonders.

The pad dampening system helps in averting from producing swirl marks, which may be done unintentionally during sanding. Stay worry-free while using the sander and give your contoured surfaces a smooth and fine look.


With weighing around 3.5 pounds and ergonomic design, this orbital sander allows you to hold for ceaseless hours for a classy and ultra-smooth finish. Also, the lightweight structure gives you an excellent opportunity to roam with it all over the house.


Confidently buy the orbital sander from the Bosch, as the customer service takes care of you by offering you a 1-year warranty in case of any defects noted.

So, use it worry-free, and if something seems wrong to you, you have the full audacity to get it replaced that too without getting a penny charged.


This orbital sander is a reasonably-priced power tool available in the market. The feature-packed orbital sander comes under 70$, which doesn’t cost you an arm or a leg. For the price, we believe this a perfect orbital sander to carry out your projects.

What does this sander include?

The sander does not only come with individual items, but it also includes a couple of more things. You get a sander, rs034 soft sanding pad, canister, vacuum hose adapter, sanding disc, dampening ring, and most importantly, a carrying bag!

Who can use the Bosch ROS20VSC sander?

When you have the right power tool in your hand, you are just a step behind the ultra-smooth finish and well-blended look of the wood surface.

It is straightforward to use an palm sander with some solid performance, making a good choice for woodworkers, DIY’s, and anyone who wants to mainly deal with the woodwork.


  • The variable speed control ranging from 7500 to 12,000 rpm is a great feature. You can easily switch the speed dial depending upon your sanding application.
  • The standard hook and loop disc attachment allows you to hooks the sandpaper onto the pad with 35,000 long-life hooks, just like Velcro.
  • A twistable dust canister allows you to do immediate cleaning to ensure the workspace is neater than ever.
  • The orbital sander’s quiet and low vibration technology makes it easier for you to work and concentrate more on your critical task.


  • According to some consumers, many reported that the product was either refurbished or defective, leading to operating failure.
  • Many users also find it pretty heavy to use, and finding the center of gravity while sanding the edges can be a hectic task.
  • The sanding moves to the side and disconnects automatically.

Final Verdict

The amazing and comfortable design, followed by the powerful features, makes it a go-to product for carpenters, contractors, and whomsoever wants to give the desired look they want.

The dust canister microfilter dust system, adjustable speed settings, and 1-year warranty period are some of the bonus features of this product.

However, here’s something that you need to take care of. Just be patient when undertaking the large technical projects like the 2.5 amp of the motor might not be a top-notch one in the market.

But, it has the potential to execute large projects smoothly, giving surfaces a worthwhile look.

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